Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

As a homeowner, you obviously want to increase the value of your home. Whether you are selling your house in the immediate future or are planning on living there indefinitely, you can never go wrong by keeping your home in tip top shape. What home improvements add the most value? Learn about the following home improvement tips and tricks that won’t drain your bank account but will add even more value to your house.

Ways to boost your home’s value

6 home improvement tips to increase the value of your home

1. Clean and Maintain Your Property.

This first step to home improvement may seem obvious, but don’t overlook its importance. Start by keeping the inside of your home uncluttered and organized. Keeping the inside of your home clutter-free will also make it look larger, cleaner, and more spacious. And, it will actually help you to see and observe areas that need cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

a. Flooring. Home improvement begins with your flooring! Regularly care for your floors, whether it be vacuuming carpets, steaming tile floors, or dusting and mopping wood or laminate surfaces.

b. Walls. Make it a habit to wash walls and dust corners so they are free of cob webs and dirt. Keep spackle and touch-up paint on hand to repair and touch-up every day nicks and dings that are just part of daily life.

c. Doors. The entrances to your home and interior rooms say a lot about your house value. Check door handles and adjust them if they start to become loose. Repair and repaint interior doors to keep them looking like new. Check weather stripping on exterior doors to make sure you maintain your home’s energy efficiency. If you have an exterior door attached to your garage, consider replacing it with a solid steel one to make your home more secure.

d. Windows and Screens. Wash windows and screens regularly, and repair ripped screens. Check to make sure that your windows open and close easily, in the case of an emergency, and that the locks on your windows are operational.

e. Light Fixtures and Overhead Fans. Make it part of your home improvement routine to dust and clean light fixtures and fans on a regular basis. Investing in LED lighting to save money on future electricity costs can only increase your home value.

f. Heating and A/C. Nothing says home value like a good-working heating and A/C unit. Change air duct filters monthly or quarterly, depending upon your usage and the type of filters you use. Hire a service or maintain your heating and cooling unit to make sure that it is functioning properly so it will be ready when you need to use it.

g. Sinks and Appliances. Nothing increases your house value like the shine and luster of sinks and appliances. Make it part of your routine to sanitize them and keep them in working order. Replace the water filter on your refrigerator, if you have one. Make it part of your weekly routine to clean out your refrigerator of old food and other items that are well past their expiration date.

h. Faucets, Bathtubs, and Toilets. Check for leaky faucets and toilets, and quickly repair them to prevent flooding and to save on your water bill. Check toilets to make sure toilets they are flushing properly, and that bathtubs are properly draining.

i. Bugs and Pests. Research online for a safe and effective way to eliminate pests, depending on the type you have, to keep your family and your pets safe. Consult with an exterminating service, if you’re not sure how.

2. Landscaping.

One of the best home improvements to increase home value is maintaining your lawn. Mow your lawn every week or two, depending upon the time of year and your geographical location. Fertilize it and treat it for pests and fungus during the fall and spring. You can train your outside plants and trees by trimming and pruning them, which will make your property more attractive. Make it a family home improvement practice to plant colorful potted flowers around your property to give it curb appeal. Purchase outdoor lighting or solar lights to highlight your home’s entrance and plants around your property. Power-wash or clean your fence regularly and make sure that your gate’s locks are in working order. Consider planting colorful and attractive bushes or shrubs around your fence, or adding a trellis with flowering plants or vines.

3. Modern Kitchens.

Kitchens are the focal point of any home and the main room where the family gathers, so focus your home improvement projects there. It is well known fact that an updated kitchen will improve home value. Ways to do this within your budget include changing faucets and lighting fixtures. You can also replace handles and knobs on your cabinetry, or repaint cabinet doors. Keep countertops clean and free of clutter, and replace them when they become worn or scratched. Purchase a new or great-looking second-hand table, and chairs or bar stools for your breakfast bar. To add a splash of color, buy a new tablecloth or hang artwork for bare walls,. If you have a kitchen window with plenty of sunlight, start a small herb garden to add some life to your kitchen.

4. Updated Bathrooms.

The bathroom is a prime target area for home improvement. Keep your bathrooms clean and make them shine. If your vanities and mirrors are getting dated, replace them. If you’re on a budget, consider swapping out old knobs with something newer and brighter on your cabinetry. Update your curtains or blinds on bathroom windows. Replace your shower curtain and rings. If you think it’s time to re-tile your shower, select colors and patterns that will look clean, or consider installing a plastic shower enclosure to save time and effort on cleaning and maintenance. Keep vanity cabinets clutter-free by discarding bathroom or beauty products you may no longer need or use. If worn or cracked, replace flooring with tile or other waterproof flooring that will make your bathroom pop!

5. Painting and More Painting.

A can of paint can go a long way, literally and budget-wise. If you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, select neutral colors so that prospective buyers can visualize their furniture in your home. Or, select colors that will match your own furniture. If you’re looking to totally redo your color scheme, shop for new sofas, chairs, or coffee tables at second-hand stores and thrift stores, which often sell top-of-the-line furniture at bargain prices. Look for rugs and paintings that will add a splash of color to your rooms.

6. Nothing Improves a Home’s Value Like Security.

If your exterior doors are weathered, replace them with a more heavy-duty version and install new door locks and deadbolts. Replace your old outdoor lighting with motion-detector lights and LED bulbs, not only in the front but also around your property. Trim bushes and shrubs that may provide cover for intruders to any entrances to your property, such as windows and doors. Outdoor cameras, which can be connected to your smart phone or computer, are now more affordable than ever and allow you to monitor all corners of your property even when you are away.

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